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Philosophy of Teaching

My classroom management philosophy is centered on creating a positive and culturally responsive learning environment. Recognizing that effective classroom management is essential for fostering a conducive space for learning, to ensure that my approach is both equitable and supportive.


I believe in establishing rules and expectations collaboratively, involving students in the process to ensure that these guidelines are culturally sensitive and reflective of their diverse backgrounds. This collaborative approach fosters a sense of ownership and shared responsibility within the classroom community.


My classroom management strategy prioritizes building strong connections with my students. I recognize the importance of understanding each student's unique background, experiences, and individual needs. By investing time in getting to know my students on a personal level, I aim to create an environment where trust is cultivated, and students feel seen and valued.


I strive to address behavioral expectations in a way that considers cultural backgrounds, recognizing that different cultural norms may influence student behavior. By acknowledging and respecting these differences, I aim to create a more inclusive and culturally responsive approach to discipline.


Moreover, I believe in employing restorative practices inspired by Ladson-Billings' emphasis on maintaining a caring and supportive community. When conflicts arise, I seek to address them through dialogue and reflection rather than punitive measures. This approach aligns with the idea of preserving the dignity of each student and fostering a sense of community where everyone is accountable for their actions.


In summary, my classroom management philosophy, inspired by "The Dreamkeepers," centers on collaboration, culturally responsive practices, and restorative approaches. By incorporating these principles, I strive to create a learning environment that not only supports academic growth but also promotes a sense of belonging, respect, and mutual understanding among all students.

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